How to change the lyrics of Instagram and other social networks easily (2023)

Surely you have seen on more than one occasion that there are users who use fonts other than yours on their social media profiles. How do they do that? how is it achieved use a different font on instagram and other social networks? We are going to explain how so that you can give a different and striking touch to your profile and even to your publications. So you can draw a little attention to your followers.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Why change Instagram fonts?
  • 2 How to use different letters on Instagram
  • 3 Font generators for Instagram and other networks
    • 3.1 Online services
    • 3.2 Smartphone Applications
  • 4 What other ways can I stand out on Instagram?

Why change Instagram fonts?

How to change the lyrics of Instagram and other social networks easily (1)Typography is one of the key elements when communicating a message. Advertisers and designers know this and therefore try to control perfectly which font family they will use in each work to make them have the greatest possible impact. Because as we have already commented on some other occasion, depending on the letter chosen, the message may have a greater or lesser relevance. You know, a text written in Times News Roman does not convey the same seriousness as the same in Comic Sans.

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On Instagram and the rest of the social networks, their developers are committed to a unique font for many reasons. The first is the neutrality and readability that it provides for the vast majority of users. Especially on small screens where it is vital that any text be read comfortably and quickly. The second is that for users with accessibility problems who use audio-description systems, it is also important that these texts are easy to read, with no weird characters involved.

Although there is a risk of screwing up and choosing a font with poor legibility, it is normal that our error does not reach that much, so in normal conditions, limiting yourself to choosing one of the ones that Instagram recommends is already enough to differentiate you. of others. Something that It can make your post easier to read. but, above all, that they identify you quickly just for that detail.

However, there is an important factor of curiosity on the part of the users of the social network, which makes them stop at those profiles that show a typography that is not widely used on Instagram, or that it is especially pretty or adorned in such a way that it is calling out to us. He is asking us to enter that account to see what he posts because if everything is as original as those letters...

So, are you going to change the font you use on Instagram to stand out from the rest and get a little more attention? Let's go there.

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How to use different letters on Instagram

How to change the lyrics of Instagram and other social networks easily (2)

For these reasons, with the exception of specific sections such as Instagram stories, the font used when filling out your profile or posting a message is always the same for everyone. Although there are methods that allow you to use different fonts wherever you want.

To withdraw from your use different fonts on Instagram or other social networks you have to resort to specific applications or services. These, as if it were a translator, allow you to write what you want and then offer you the same text using different fonts. Thus, thanks to this, you only have to copy the text with the font that you like the most and paste it into your user profile or publication.

Font generators for Instagram and other networks

How to change the lyrics of Instagram and other social networks easily (3)

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Designing a font is not an easy task because not everyone has the knowledge to know what it touches and how it affects readability. That is why With these tools we can generate a new but within some predefined parameters that are not going to give us so much freedom, but at least enough to enjoy our own appearance within our profile different from everything we see around us.

Now that you know that the only trick to have a different font on social networks is to use a third-party application or service, here are some options with which you can give a differential touch to your biography or publication:

Online services

You don't need to install anything on your computer or mobile device to get your custom fonts on Instagram. There are several online services that offer this functionality for free. You will simply have to write (or paste) the text that you want to transform and then choose the font that you like the most. There are many alternatives, but the best are these that we show you below:

  • instafontsis the first of them, this service allows you to use up to 90 different types. Furthermore, you can even create your own composition by defining rules for each letter. That is, not all of them will have to belong to the same typeface.
  • We are swingingIt is another option where you can also do the same as with the previous one, but that allows a much easier selection of the font. In the drawer on the left you write your text and in the one on the right you select the one you like the most
  • Meta Tagsis another service that in a much more visual way and designed for Instagram allows you to see how these custom fonts would look on your profile
  • FontGet Its operation is very simple. You write the text in the box and it will automatically appear transformed into several dozen fonts. Then, you will simply have to click the copy button to have it on the clipboard and paste it on your Instagram profile.

Any of the three solutions will be practical for you to achieve what you are looking for and which is nothing more than changing the letter of your profile or posts on Instagram or other social networks.

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Smartphone Applications

However, there are also applications that you can install on your iOS or Android devices. In case accessing these web services does not appeal to you or you are looking for more additional design options. If you are going to use this type of application a lot, it is best to have them directly installed on the mobile. The best that we have been able to use are the following that we recommend below:

  • Cool Fonts It is an app for Android with which you will have all those options of the aforementioned services. It is available for Android phones and is completely free, although it contains ads.
  • Fonts another application with which to personalize the text of your profile or publications in networks. It integrates into the Android system —if you give it permission, of course—, and you can use the text transformation at any time, be it in an Instagram Direct conversation, in WhatsApp... You simply have to select the text before sending it and select the corresponding option to apply the transformation. It is a very easy to use app.
  • fontify another simple application in which you write the text in the upper box and then select the one that you like the most from all the options that it shows below. It works exactly the same as the websites that we have shown you in the previous section, but from your mobile phone. At the moment, it is only available on Android terminals.
  • cool fonts is a similar application, but in this case for iOS devices. In this case, Cool Fonts is integrated as a keyboard in the system. It is a most interesting option that will help you to use these fonts also in your Instagram posts and comments.

What other ways can I stand out on Instagram?

Placing a different font on your profile can draw attention, but it's not the only way to do it. If what you are interested in is having an attractive profile to gain more and more followers, here are a few extra tips:

  • Make quality grids: few things like more on Instagram than a profile that seems to be made up of a single image. Many users put a lot of work into the visual impact of their profiles, and this can make your profile look even better than a custom font. There are plenty of ways to do this. With lines, with columns... there are even templates that can be downloaded and allow you to place your photos inside to obtain a great result without overcomplicating yourself.
  • Chain posts: If what we have explained to you seems a bit complex, you can do a similar effect with posts. You can chain 9 images per publication, also videos. Hooking a user is key for them to stay in our account and press the follow button.
  • Make unique Stories: stories are the strong point of Instagram. They don't last long—unless you pin them, of course—but everyone views them before deciding whether or not to follow a user. If you make engaging stories, you will gain a lot of followers. Here we leave you a very interesting video so you can learn to stand out with this type of publication:

As you can see, any of the options shown will allow you to give that different touch to your Instagram profile or other social networks. Now all that remains is to get down to work to have an account different from that of the others.


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