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Corporate Banking

We recognise good ideas, entrepreneurial courage and real passion instantly when we see them.

Every idea and every project has specific requirements and guidelines for its financing. We support entrepreneurs, institutional clients and financial investors with tailor-made, holistic and flexible solutions. Gain personal confirmation of our entrepreneurial way of thinking and our many years of experience in the areas of acquisition financing, support for succession solutions and financing for the real estate and shipping sectors. As an institutional investor, you can also find out more about co-investments in the real estate and shipping sectors.

  • You and your company
  • Real estate business
  • Maritime sector
  • Banking services

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You and your company

Each of our financing solutions is fundamentally unique – just as you and your company have your own personal signature. Standardised loan programmes often don’t provide answers that truly address your needs to your individual financing questions. Find out about our special financing, which is designed for the specific situation of your small or medium-sized company and for you.

Talk to us

Your individual “balance-sheet consultant” in special situations

Together with you, we analyse your financing project and your specific needs in confidential discussions. In order to focus on your needs, we don’t act as a classic bank for standard business categories but see ourselves more as your individual “balance-sheet consultant” in special situations.

The main areas of our corporate customer business, for the short to medium term

  • Share or acquisition financing
  • Preliminary and interim equity financing or (re)financing of shareholder loans
  • Restructuring of shareholder groups
  • Support for successor solutions
  • Bridge financing for capital market transactions

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Your contact for financing solutions

Joachim von Borstell

Head of Corporate Banking North


+49 40 3282-2462

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We offer advice and support for your real estate business

The real estate financing market is constantly changing. We create individual and targeted concepts for you that are based on your business needs. You can trust our years of experience and impartial advice.

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The main areas of our real estate financing

for the short to medium term

  • Support for capital management companies and interim financing of fund assets
  • Interim and special financing for land and real estate
  • Financing for project development, property development and condominium conversions

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Did you know that we work as short-term financiers not only in the top seven German real estate locations but also in Hanover, Dresden and Leipzig?

Your contacts for real estate

Alexander Föhre

Head of Corporate Banking Berlin


+49 30 8842-1634

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Dirk Dylong

CB Real estate clients


+49 30 8842-1619

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Our services for the

Maritime sector

Shipping – a growth market for us!
Find out more about our comprehensive range of services for shipping companies, ship management and crewing companies, ship brokers and P&I clubs. You can trust in our many years of experience, along with our extensive network and the highest level of service orientation when working with the maritime sector and the national and international shipping industry.

Get to know us

International Payment & Treasury Services

Take advantage of our first-class services in cash management, international payments, foreign exchange trading and special transactions. We offer sailors’ wage or cash-to-master payments, debt collection and letter of credit transactions, as well as:

  • Close personal support for an efficient account opening process
  • Account management and payment transactions in all common currencies through a worldwide network of correspondent banks
  • A specialisation in US-dollar transactions, including same-day value payments in the afternoon, and late cut-off times
  • Sale-and-purchase transactions
  • Individual solutions for your liquidity and risk management
  • Deposit protection as part of the deposit insurance fund

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Our experts – your contacts

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Christian Speer

Head of Shipping

+49 40 3282-2451

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Shipping is people’s business. We do not go for the one-off deal but for long term cooperation.

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Jens Dose

Head of Shipping

+49 40 3282-2469

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We and our team have a strong dedication for the shipping industry and a passion for services.

Smooth and simple – that’s what we aim for with our banking services

Make your everyday life worry-free – we support you professionally and reliably when processing your bank transactions. We’re ready to offer our expertise when flexible and individual solutions are needed. Unnecessary outsourcing is out of the question for us – we work with you directly and personally. We want to offer you a high level of protection and security for your customer data.

Get to know us and our services

Benjamin Holstein

CB Bankservices


+49 40 3282-2195

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Our electronic banking solutions

Cash management / EBICS

Our cash management / EBICS service for corporate customers to process your payment transactions. Enjoy these benefits:

  • Flexibility from a function menu that can be adapted to your individual needs
  • Security through data encryption and electronic signatures
  • Multi-bank capability using established national and international communication standards
  • Automatic, time-controlled and cross-institution retrieval of account information
  • Various selection and evaluation options with integrated databases
  • Additional in-house processing of data of your choosing (for example, account information in your financial accounting system)
  • Networking, TCP/IP and EBICS capability
  • Individual solutions for mobile/location-independent authorisation of payments

With the additional EBICS app, you can view and authorise your payment transactions at any time, anywhere.

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M.M.Warburg & CO online banking

Our online banking has the highest security standards and is in continuous development.

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Your business in safe hands

Corporate Finance

Trust is the basis of a good, long-term business relationship. For that reason, we’re always ready to help you and your company with our global capital and trading market expertise and our impartial advice. We’re a reliable and secure partner for you. Let’s get started!

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We look forward to getting to know you!

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On site

Digital (video consultation)

As an expert in corporate banking and financial services, I bring to the table years of experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of financing across various sectors. Let's break down the concepts mentioned in the article to provide a comprehensive understanding:

  1. Corporate Banking: This refers to a specialized division within a bank that caters to the financial needs of corporations, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large multinational corporations. Corporate banking services include lending, treasury management, cash management, trade finance, and investment banking.

  2. Entrepreneurship and Financing Support: The article highlights the bank's recognition of good ideas, entrepreneurial courage, and passion. It emphasizes tailor-made financing solutions for entrepreneurs, institutional clients, and financial investors. This suggests a focus on providing customized financial products and services to support entrepreneurial ventures and investment initiatives.

  3. Acquisition Financing: This involves providing funding to facilitate the acquisition of another company. It may include debt financing, equity financing, or a combination of both to support mergers and acquisitions.

  4. Succession Solutions: Refers to financial arrangements made for the transfer of ownership and management control of a business from one generation to another. This could involve financing buyouts, management buy-ins, or other succession planning strategies.

  5. Real Estate Financing: This encompasses financing solutions tailored for the real estate industry, including support for property development, project financing, interim financing, and capital management.

  6. Maritime Sector Financing: This refers to financial services tailored for businesses operating in the maritime industry, including shipping companies, ship management firms, and crewing companies. It involves providing financing for vessel acquisition, operational expenses, and other maritime-related activities.

  7. Banking Services: This encompasses a wide range of financial services provided by banks to individuals and businesses, including account management, payment processing, cash management, and electronic banking solutions.

  8. International Payment & Treasury Services: These services cater to the needs of businesses engaged in international trade and transactions. They include services such as international payments, foreign exchange trading, cash management, and treasury solutions to optimize liquidity and manage financial risks.

  9. Electronic Banking Solutions: Refers to digital banking services offered to corporate clients, including cash management, electronic banking internet communication standard (EBICS), online banking platforms, and mobile banking applications.

  10. Corporate Finance: This involves the management of a company's financial activities, including capital raising, investment decisions, and financial risk management. Corporate finance professionals assist companies in making strategic financial decisions to maximize shareholder value and achieve long-term growth objectives.

In summary, the article showcases the bank's expertise in providing tailored financial solutions across various sectors, including corporate banking, real estate financing, maritime sector financing, and electronic banking services, among others. The bank emphasizes personalized service, industry experience, and a commitment to meeting the unique needs of its clients.

Corporate Banking | Warburg Bank (2024)
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